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Sheela vs Autumn Rose

When you get two characters who just love to fight and stick them in the restricted space that is Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room, you know there will be fireworks!

And we certainly got that as the energetic beauties Sheela and Autumn faced off in the tight space ready and keen to show each other what they have got.

The electricity was in the air as soon as they got there and the beaming smiles and good natured banter didn’t mask their desire to fight and this became even more evident as soon as they locked up and started to battle hard in search of those all important submissions!

Autumn has a bit of a size advantage but Sheela never let’s anything like that get in the way and it was soon obvious that both had the required skills and enthusiasm needed to beat talents like each of them are in a wrestling contest!

The action was immediately fast paced and back and forth and it would take a brave soul to call a winner out of these pair as they started to trap each other in a variety of moves to rack up tap outs under both their names.

We saw head locks, arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, breast smothers and combination holds in this relentless attacking feast!

You could see both Sheela and Autumn Rose were giving it all they had and, while their exertions were having an impact on one another, the action never let up and they fought hard throughout the entire contest.

They were both inventive, creative and very skilful in their ways of getting each other into all kinds of trouble and their hard work paid off. 

But did Sheela or Autumn Rose come out on top at the end? Download this cracking fight to find out!

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