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Sheela Destroys Andrew

Despite the many times he has found himself battered and left lying flat out on the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, Andrew always thinks he can successfully take on the girls on the roster!

Here, he finds himself up against super Sheela and the reason for his confidence here is because he is taller than her!! A small push from her which sends him flying backwards suggests his confidence is, yet again, misplaced!

She is soon mocking his lack of muscles (they’re “muscles you can’t see”, apparently!) before deciding the time for talk is over and the time for beating him down is on!

It doesn’t take long for us to see her height isn’t hampering her and his invisible muscles are not helping him as she starts to go through her repertoire to put him in all kinds of pain.

Andrew seems be in permanent pain and anguish while also looking bemused at his predicament as Sheela traps him in a variety of ways to make scream and tap!

These include body scissors, camel clutches, head locks, figure four head locks, school girl pins, face sits, head scissors, grapevine pins and combination holds which have the desired effect.

For Andrew’s part, he moans and groans and writhes around in agony a lot - the memory of his pre-fight boast already distant it seemed! Any feeble attempt he made to try to attack her was greeted with grins and chuckling from her!

Sheela wasn’t going to let him forget though as she mocked and laughed at him throughout while having maximum fun at his expense as she made him suffer physically!

The result, of course, was never in doubt and Sheela completely wipes the floor with him. She devilishly adds insult to injury at the end, making Andrew admit to what he is as part of her victory celebration!

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