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September Live Female Event Report

As the world continues to struggle in the face of 18 months of the global pandemic, the joys of Monica’s Wrestling Centre and her legendary lives shows continue to provide some much needed tonic.

It was live event time again and we certainly delivered with nine exciting, pulsating and truly memorable matches between some utterly gorgeous and talented grapplers, who delivered big time once again.

Obviously, travelling restrictions meant those based overseas were unfortunately unable to make it over but, as you will see, there were plenty of UK based fighters who were ready to kick some butt between the squared circle that is Monica’s Ring of Pain.

Just look at the line up: Ivy Rain, Yui, Beth Bennett, Penny Banks, Alora Lux, Cheetah, Havocc bringing their best wrestling selves to the ring and metaphorically setting it alight with some jaw-dropping incredible bouts.

Some are obviously now established stars, others are rising up and ever improving. In the case of the exquisite Yui, she was not only making her live show debut but also her first steps in competitive matches anywhere! To say she took to it like a duck to water would be the understatement of the year!

We loved every second, the live crowd loved every second and the girls themselves loved every second.

And at the end of each of their matches, they were also able to showcase their arm-wrestling skills. Already this has become a much-loved bonus of our matches!

If you couldn’t be there in person, you missed out on an absolute pearler of a live show which will live long in the memories of all who were there.

But, fear not! As always, we captured every moment and you can enjoy the thrills and spills of MWC live show combat through these amazing clips! Buy them - you know you want to!

Match 1 Ivy Rain vs Yui

We always love to start Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows with a bang and this year was no different as two beauties set the pulses racing right from the very start!

Gorgeous Ivy Rain is now someone who really needs no introduction having established herself as a bona fide rising star on the MWC roster with an ever growing fan base of her skills and assets.

But she found herself facing a whole new challenge in the wonderful shape of the Philippine bombshell Yui, who was competing in her first ever competitive match!

And from the second they locked up, we knew this was going to be one hell of a battle between two curvy beauties.

It was Ivy Rain who did the initial running and seemed to be in prime position for the first submission with a tight breast smother and body scissor combo.

But Yui had other ideas as she resisted and rolled around trying to find an escape route which eventually came allowing her to turn the tables and lock on her own body scissor.

They were exchanging punishing moves and demonstrating fabulous resilience as neither would give in!

The break in rounds didn’t seem to change much either as both Ivy and Yui fought with an insatiable desire and really showed off their considerable skills and powers for the excited crowd.

Their will to win was clear for all to see as they exchanged head locks, body scissors, face sits and head scissors amongst other moves.

Submissions were not going to be given easily and when the first one arrived you could see the delight and relief on the face of the beauty who’d earned it!

A couple more were exchanged to close out a fabulous fight between two strong talents! Ivy and Yui even treated us to a great arm wrestle afterwards!

Match 2 Beth Bennett vs Penny Banks

Excitement levels were sky high when the second match of the spectacular MWC September live show came around, featuring two stunners.

Beautiful Beth Bennett and exquisite Penny Banks have mastered other disciplines such as modelling and splosh and they are getting better and better each time they step into the squared circle.

Beth was making her first appearance in front of a live crowd while Penny only has one show under her belt but you wouldn’t have thought it as they locked up and went at it like seasoned professionals!