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September Live Event Report

There are many things that a global pandemic can stop but even coronavirus couldn’t put the skids on Monica’s live events for too long!

People have inundated the boss lady to tell her how much they have missed her fun packed events, so she decided to bring some much-needed cheer to the wrestling community by organising a Covid-safe show.

In an unwanted first for the event, there was no crowd at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event for the obvious safety reasons. It’s certainly not something we liked and it was weird, not least for guest referee Wimpy Nick who has always been a bit of a show off!

But we were determined to overcome all the hurdles and put on a show worthy of the name and we have seven beautiful and incredibly talented ladies who were able to turn up and safely perform.

And boy did they perform in style! We had Bianca, Lara, Cheetah, Ivy Rain, Eva Ray, Beth Bennett and Zoe Page making up the mouth-watering line-up and none of them disappointed!

What was particularly exciting for this show was the fact there were a number of MWC Live Show debutants and girls who are fresh to wrestling, meaning that - despite the current situation - there is a healthy future for the scene.

The girls have varying looks and styles and they all managed to stamp their personalities on a fabulous, pulsating and truly exciting show - keeping Wimpy Nick on his toes throughout.

Obviously, this isn’t how we like to put on live events and the excitable crowd was missed by all. But we also know you’ve missed the competitive and fun wrestling MWC shows bring and so we didn’t want to disappoint!

Monica always finds a way and you can get your MWC Live Event fix by downloading these magnificent clips and enjoying the thrills and spills from the Ring of Pain that way.

Match 1 Bianca v Cheetah

There is always immense pressure on the girls who take part in the very first match of each live show to ensure the event gets off to the perfect start.

And we were certainly not let down when the two beauties Bianca and Cheetah strutted into the ring (to great cheers from the other girls at the event!).

If they were feeling any nerves as a result of being in the first match, they certainly weren’t showing it as they produced a corker of a contest, showcasing their immense ability.

Bianca has a major advantage in terms of her experience and she has forged a reputation on the back of some stellar performances but Cheetah is learning fast and isn’t the sort of girl who is happy to simply make up the numbers.

They faced off in Monica’s Ring of Pain and wasted no time at all getting to grips with one another to get this Covid-hit show on the road.

As expected, it was Bianca who went on the attack first and earned herself a quick submission by trapping her victim in a painful body scissor.

Although Cheetah immediately executed her own body scissor, ring savvy Bianca used that experience she has to double her advantage before the end of the first round.

That’s not to say she was having everything her own way of course. Cheetah kept on fighting throughout the match and certainly gave Bianca food for thought on many occasions.

And it was obvious that both of these fighters are truly determined and stubborn.

The quality of the wrestling was high with plenty of scissors, cross body pins, smothers, arm bars and head locks and bear hugs.

But, by the end, it was Bianca who came out on top but Cheetah impressed immensely and will be all the better for this experience!

Match 2 Ivy Rain v Zoe Page

Well, clashes between two English roses don’t come much more mouth-wateringly marvellous than this one!

Gorgeous Ivy Rain has appeared at one MWC Live Event previously and has certainly been getting her wrestling on at Monica’s, taking part in a number of matches and getting better and better with each passing minute.

Better known as a dominatrix and model, beautiful Zoe Page had never competed at one of our events before but, believe us, this girl can fight and has demonstrated her skills to many a victim over the years.

Within seconds of them locking up, they proved to be the excellent and exciting match up that we believed they would be!

They wasted little time and were soon tangled up in a hard battle of skills, strength and willpower as they fought all over the ring.

And soon there were submissions with the girls exchanging tap outs to moves including breast smothers, a headlock and scissor combinations, body scissors and an array of other moves.

It was pulsating, back and forth action between the pair who seemed to be going all out to attack at every single opportunity that arose.

They can take punishment too, as well as dish it out! We were left wincing on many occasions as one applied a crushing hold on the other, who resisted for what seemed like an eternity before fighting out to safety.

The thrills and spills continued through the rounds as these determined warriors fought tooth and nail, looking to earn the bragging rights over one another!

This was tight and hard fought all the way and the girls were still fighting for the win right up until the final bell.

A victor did emerge from this incredible match and you’ll need to download this classic to find out who that was!

Match 3 Beth Bennett v Lara

This exquisite clash saw two MWC Live show debutants in the form of English beauty Beth Bennett and Italian sweetheart Lara - who was making her first ever appearance in a UK ring!

It was an intriguing pairing - we have the curvy powerhouse that is Beth and the athletic fighter that is Lara and both of them have immense wrestling skills!

And we were certainly not disappointed when they launched at one another following the opening bell. Lara got an early advantage with a head lock but she discovered that Beth can handle the heat and fight her way out of predicaments she finds herself in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

Immediately, you sensed that this was going to be a tough battle for both of them and we were loving every second of it!

Their stubbornness and will to win meant they were not going to submit easily, no matter how much discomfort and agony they might have been in as a result of well executed moves.

We saw them apply wrist locks, body scissors, head locks, smothers, head scissors and pins in their pursuit of much wanted and all important submissions.

And the tap outs did eventually come - reluctantly conceded by both! - And were shared between these two awesome warriors.

The fought hard throughout the whole match and there was no let-up both in the battling and the spirit even when we’d gotten to the third round where tiredness could have been a factor (if it was they weren’t showing it!).

By the end though, one of these incredible fighters did manage to put daylight between them in terms of the score and she would have been delighted with a great victory.

But both ladies knew they’d been in one hell of a competitive encounter that demonstrated they have the skills to match their immense looks!

Match 4 Eva Ray v Ivy Rain

As Wimpy Nick - the guest referee - said, there has been an influx of exciting young beautiful talent at Monica’s Wrestling Centre in recent months.

So, it was almost inevitable that we would bring two of these gorgeous grapplers together for our latest MWC Live Event. Brit beauty Ivy Rain was battling in her second match of the day whilst the total newbie Latvian lovely Eva Ray was making her debut.

Despite their status as relative novices in the scene, these two just love to wrestle and they were itching to get their hands on one another as soon as it was time to start the first round!

Ivy has a size and a bit of an experience advantage over her red head rival but Eva certainly wasn’t fazed and she was determined to make her mark on her first show.

They started off at a quick pace and it was no surprise to see Ivy open the scoring when she forced Eva to tap out after she found herself being squeezed by the English girl’s powerful legs.

But the quick and determined Eva Ray was never going to take that lightly and, sure enough, she was on the attack in a flash and soon giving Ivy a taste of her own medicine to level the match!

This whetted the appetite and set the scene for the rest of the match as now both these ladies knew what the other was about.

Over the course of the contest, we saw school girl pins, more scissors, bear hugs, head locks and breast smothers as these two battled hard across the Ring of Pain.

But in the end, there was a clear and deserved winner. That said, both girls deserve immense credit and we can’t recommend this great battle between two absolute babes enough!

Match 5 Beth Bennett v Bianca

MWC Live Events are always packed with interesting pairings but even we were especially pleased with ourselves when we put these two beauties together.

Curvy model Beth Bennett - appearing in her first show for Monica - against the ever-popular and experienced Italian fighter Bianca was a clash of different styles and looks in the Ring of Pain.

And we were certainly not left disappointed as the two strong and exceptionally talented wrestlers gave it their all and left nothing on the mats.

On paper, you’d expect Bianca would have a major advantage given her vast experience in the scene but Beth is incredibly strong and her already impressive grappling skills are getting better and better the more she appears on the mats and in the rings.

They went straight at it when the first bell sounded and the struggle was on - immediately telling us that we were dealing with two proud and determined women!

After a while, it was Bianca who finally broke the deadlock when she managed to trap the stubborn Beth in a head lock and body scissor combination to finally earn the submission.

The exquisite Italian really had the bit between her teeth now and was fully on the attack and putting her opponent under pressure while Beth did her utmost to defend and keep her at bay and try to turn the tables and go on the offensive herself.

Naturally, this only helped to raise the excitement levels as we saw head locks, body scissors, breast smothers and pins as both the girls gave everything they had.

Ultimately though, one of the girls ran out the clear winner and had every reason to be delighted with her performance while the girl on the receiving end certainly had every reason to be proud of her efforts. A hot, must-have match in your collection!

Match 6 Cheetah v Lara

This clash between the two utterly gorgeous ladies (we sure do find them don’t we?!) saw them competing in their second match of the MWC September 2020 live event.

And, as we suspected we would be, we were right to be drooling over this one. Wildcat Cheetah had a baptism of fire in her first bout against Bianca but things didn’t get easier for her when she was paired with another Italian in the form of Lara.

Lara certainly had the advantage of more experience than Cheetah going into this one but we’re always delighted to see the enthusiasm and fearless streak Cheetah possesses. She never ducks a challenge.

And sure enough, they were soon rolling around the ring trying to get on top as the action was fast and furious right from the start.

It was, perhaps inevitable, that Lara got the breakthrough with a crushing body scissor which, despite Cheetah’s best efforts, she had to succumb to.

Cheetah wasn’t overawed though and she was soon on the attack herself, trapping her opponent in an excellent guillotine which had Lara’s face turning red!

The rest of the match saw more outstanding wrestling from the two talented women including scissors, face sits, cross body pins and various combinations.

There was a lot of grit and determination being shown too as both Lara and Cheetah found themselves trapped in painful looking holds but their will to win kept them from tapping out for as long as possible. And the bell even came to the rescue a couple of times for them!

The pair of beautiful faces were both contorted on regular occasions during the fight as they battled for victory.

But in the end, there was a clear and deserved winner - although we suspect she was feeling almost the same level of aches and pains as her defeated rival!

Match 7 Eva Ray v Zoe Page

For the penultimate match in the MWC September live event, it was decided to pit another couple of hot little debutants against one another in a sizzling match.

And the beauties that are Eva Ray and Zoe Page certainly didn’t disappoint and successfully raised the temperatures to sky high levels with a hot contest.

As well as being a pair of stunners, both have impressive wrestling skills and are getting increasingly better as their career develops within the scene.

After their tough encounters earlier in the day, it was obvious that these two couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another and fight, something that resulted in them rolling around the ring as they looked to secure an early advantage.

The frenetic battling was exciting and it only stopped when one of the girls managed to execute a grapevine pin and breast smother combination to finally earn herself a much wanted and well deserved submission!

Not that this changed the flow at all as within seconds of the restart Eva and Zoe were back all tangled up and looking to best one another.

There was some truly brilliant wrestling on display as they looked to make each other tap out in moves including body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins, ankle locks, Boston crabs and face sitting smothers.

It was being wrestled in an excellent spirit but that don’t be fooled! These girls wanted to win and as the clock ticked, so did the amount of punishment they dished out to each other.

Submissions were exchanged, the pace and intensity never let up and both Eva and Zoe were covered in sweat at the end of this pulsating clash.

By the end, there was a winner and an unlucky loser - but the real winners are anyone who downloads this clip. Wrestling matches don’t come much hotter or exciting!

Match 8 Bianca v Lara

Every MWC Live Event ends with a bang and this one was no different as we signed off the Covid-hit show with a classic.

Our two Italian guests - the magnificent beauties Bianca and Lara - had already delighted during the event in their earlier matches, so it seemed fitting we should end with them battling one another!

This prospect was the very definition of mouth-watering as they are both skilled, fast, tough and strong as well as immensely pleasing on the eye so there was no danger of this one disappointing!

Both Bianca and Lara are competitive and you could sense there was the added spice of local bragging rights at stake - both wanted to go home to Italy with the spoils of victory.

Unsurprisingly, it was intense from the second they started fighting and the first submission, via a head scissor, was hard fought and reluctantly conceded to say the least.

The action was back and forth as they showcased all their skills and trapped each other in some extremely painful looking holds.

These including guillotines, head scissors, body scissors, smothers, pins, bear hugs - whatever was required for any given situation really!

They were very much locked in combat from start to finish and neither Bianca or Lara were keen to give in, even when they were in peril and it looked as if submission was the only sensible solution! We are talking about two hard as nails gorgeous girls here!

Looks of pain, determination and desire were written all over their faces as the rounds came and went and the goal of victory became more and more essential.

The tension was palpable right until the end of this one and both girls deserve immense credit for a fantastic wrestling contest.

But was it Bianca or Lara who did Italy proud? Download this fantastic match to find out!

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