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September 22 Live Event Report

With summer now behind us and temperatures starting to drop, Monica’s Wrestling Centre decided to light heat things up in the city London with one of her fabulous live shows.

The aim of the game is to excite and delight the loyal wrestling fans who love to see the best of the scene doing battle with each other in the fabulous setting of Monica’s Ring of Pain.

And the seven talented hotties certainly didn’t disappoint as they got to grips with one another and grappled their way through eight memorable matches that showcased their super skills in the best possible way.

There was a healthy mix of the welcome return of familiar faces and some exciting new names on the card who were making their debuts in the MWC live show arena.

And The Referee - who had the task of keeping the fights clean and making sure the women behaved (good luck with that, ref!) - added to the anticipation as he introduced each and every athlete one by one to the sound of pumping entrance music!

The girls who are well known to us including the formidable gorgeous German Warrior Amazon, resident sexy wildcat Cheetah, Bulgarian beauty Galya and luscious London - the “smallest girl in wrestling”!

London really pulled out all the stops to delight as she turned out for her many fans despite being in the middle of a house move!

And the newbies certainly whipped up a frenzy as they immediately looked at home as they came out starting with exquisite Iza, the lovely “Lady Boss” April and the dazzling Light!

Every single one of these phenomenal fighters shone and did their best to ensure yet another successful live event in MWC’s impressive history.

If you missed out, you should be kicking yourselves! But at least you can see the thrills for yourself with these fantastic clips! Enjoy!

Match 1 Warrior v Iza

It’s typical for the first match of the brilliant Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to kick things off in thrilling style and we certainly weren’t disappointed with this one.

Bulgarian babe Iza was making her debut in such an event and was obviously keen to make an impression on the excited crowd, who were equally keen to see what the new girl could do.

But if Iza was expecting a nice gentle introduction to these events, she was in for a shock as the woman she found herself squaring up to in the Ring of Pain was none other than the wondrous Warrior Amazon.

We knew straight away this was going to be an intriguing clash and thankfully both of the wrestlers were clearly up for the fight from the start.

With her experience and size advantage, it was the German Warrior who went on the front foot right away trying to overwhelm her rival in the early stages.

But Iza showed she isn’t just there to make up the numbers and showed great strength and determination to fend off the attacks.

Soon both of these beauties were battling on the canvas all over the ring looking for an opening to earn those all important submissions towards the goal of securing a great victory.

We saw headlocks, body scissors, grapevine pins, bearhugs, headlocks, arm bars and combination holds as the battle intensified.

Some of these did bring about submissions but this didn’t interrupt the pace of the fight and the sheer effort and an absolute desire for victory was etched across both ladies’ faces as they fought long and hard across the three rounds.

Eventually, one of the girls ran out as a clear winner but both Warrior and Iza impressed judging by the reaction of the crowd. Their post match arm wrestle was as equally intense too!

Match 2 April Paisley v London

The second match of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre September show saw two of the smaller beauties on the card facing off against one another.

But what both April Paisley and London lack in height, they more than make up with the big fighting hearts and talent they clearly possess and that made for an edge-of-your-seat exciting fight!

April was making her debut but was brimming with confidence that you’d expect from someone nicknamed ‘Lady Boss’ while the ever popular London knows the Ring of Pain is her house and is never shy about proving it!

And they both wasted little time getting to grips with one another and engaging in a breathless fast paced battle that saw them rolling around the ring exchanging moves as they looked to exert their authority over the other.

London was clearly finding out this newbie was going to be a handful as she let out a shocked “Oh my gosh, she’s so feisty!” as both her and April fought for control!

Each time it looked like one girl was getting the advantage, the tables would be turned and it took a long time for the first hard-earned submission to arrive via a head lock and body scissor combination.

It’s fair to say there were evenly matched and often April and London found themselves cancelling each other out - such was the balanced battle they were having.

The minutes were flying by but the pace from both April and London never relented and the crowd were certainly being treated to a classic battle of the pint-sized blonde babes!

At the end of this pulsating match, one of the ladies did emerge as a winner - but only just - to cap off a wonderful match. The post fight arm wrestle was a little more decisive though!

Match 3 Cheetah v Galya

Sometimes we make a match that even we sit and pat ourselves on the back for and the third fight in Monica’s Wrestling centre’s September live show certainly fit into that category.

Two hugely popular fighters on our roster with different attributes and skills going at one another is our version of wrestling hell so we were delighted to find both Cheetah and Galya were well up for the contest!

Cheetah has the size advantage but Galya has been wrestling longer and has never been the sort to dodge bigger rivals so we knew this was going to be one hell of a ride!

Sure enough, no time was wasted and they were soon going hammer and tongs as they battled to get the advantage and tried to impose themselves on one another as they rolled around the Ring of Pain.

The action was back and forth for much of the beginnings and it was unclear who was on top until - eventually - the first tap out was earned after a monumental effort.

More submissions did come but they weren't easily conceded and you could feel both Galya and Cheetah increasing their intensity and efforts as the fight continued in energetic fashion right until the very end.

There were arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, figure four locks, head locks, a variety of pins, guillotines and combination moves which had the intended impact that both Cheetah and Galya were looking to deliver to one another.

Both of these gorgeous grapplers clearly respect one another but also fought hard right to the very end.

And while the scoreline showed a clear winner it didn’t reflect the excitement and closely fought battle we had witnessed. And of course, we were given the very welcome added bonus of the post fight arm wrestle too!

Match 4 Iza v Light

It was time for yet another debutant to introduce herself to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre faithful as luscious Light took her first bow in the fourth match of the September spectacular.

And what made her debut that little bit spicier was she was taking on exquisite Iza - someone who had only made her own debut a couple of contests before!

But, just because they were new to MWC shows, doesn’t mean they are new to the world of wrestling and both of these skilful strong warriors are very capable in the squared circle and they were keen to prove it.

Right from the start it looked as if they were the perfect match and that’s exactly how it proved as they got to grips with one another and started battling hard with one another.

And as you’d expect from two badass fighters, neither Iza or Light were likely to give in easily when they did find themselves on the receiving end of the other’s punishing holds!

There was a lot of technical wrestling on display but this added to the intensity as they were locked together fighting hard in their bid to get all important submissions - the first of which didn’t come easily or quickly!

They trapped each other in body scissors, head locks, arm bars, a variety of pins, head scissors and combination holds while their strong defences were equally impressive as they fought their way out of danger.

Such was the intensity that one of the girls had to go through a wardrobe change part of the way through the contest!

Both Iza and Light thrilled as they dug deep and gave it absolutely everything they have got in search of a truly impressive victory.

It was a tight contest from start to finish but did either get a win? Download this great fight to find out!

Match 5 London v Galya

The fifth contest of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre September feast of fighting got the second half of the event off in fantastic style.

Two of the most popular and utterly gorgeous performers in such shows - London and Galya - were never likely to disappoint and they certainly pulled out all the stops for the adoring crowd who watched on while perched on the edge of their seats.

The girls went to work on one another and this set the tone for the whole fight - action packed, quick tempo, competitive but being battled out in a wonderful spirit.

London and Galya were soon covering every inch of the canvas as they rolled around furiously battling to get on top and try to get the advantage over one another.

Both of these feisty fighters enjoyed success in the first round with one of them holding a slender lead going into round two. But you just felt that this was merely the start of things and we expected more fireworks to go off as the match wore on.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what we got as neither London nor Galya wanted to let up in terms of the intensity and fighting spirit they were showing to those of us lucky enough to witness it!

We witnessed vicious head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, head scissors and combination holds - some of which brought some all important and highly desired submissions.

Both Galya and London seemed to be enjoying themselves but that didn’t result in a drop in the level of the hard fought contest we were witnessing.

Both were desperate to win and they were locked in combat right up until the final bell where one of the ladies was delighted to have secured a truly impressive win. This is a must have for your collections!

Match 6 Cheetah v April Paisley

The sixth battle of the thrilling September show at Monica’s Wrestling Centre was another that had the delighted crowd licking their lips in anticipation.

Wildcat Cheetah has build up her reputation at a number of appearances in MWC live shows whilst feisty April was an instant hit with fans when she took her bow in the first half of this event!

Impressively, Cheetah soldiered on with an injury which she may have picked up earlier in the day as she came out with a bandaged right hand. But the girl loves to fight and it takes more than an injury to stop her.

She did however clearly have a size advantage over her rival which she was looking to use but April had already proved how feisty she can be and was not daunted at all about the challenge ahead of her.

And sure enough, she wasted little time in showing the wildcat she wasn't here to play and quickly got into her stride in this contest which was already being fought at a fast pace within a minute of it getting underway!

The battle between the pair was intense and fast paced with April clearly keen to make an impression in her first show and Cheetah trying to show how badass she is by fighting hard with an injured hand!

And the submissions flowed. In fact, when one of the girls went storming ahead, she found herself being pegged back as her rival showed her mettle and fought her way back into the contest!

There was a lot of respect and fair play between the pair but that didn’t stop either Cheetah or April going all out for victory as the match veered towards an exciting finish.

Both of these warriors pulled out all the stops and treated the lucky audience to an incredible thrilling encounter with a thrilling finish!

Match 7 Warrior v Light

In the penultimate fight of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s September live show, we set up a real treat with two tough and skilled wrestlers who were ready to bring it!

Light had already lit up proceedings in her debut match in the first half of the show so the tough girl was up for taking on the formidable challenge that comes in the form of the powerhouse that is Warrior Amazon.

They both have strength and technical ability and they clearly both wanted to win as evidenced by how they just got straight to it when the opening bell sounded to kick things off.

This was not going to be for the feint hearted and their opening exchanges showed how they were there not just to fight but to fight and win!

The first submission took some time and some serious effort to achieve but this was merely an opening salvo ahead of what else was to come and neither Warrior or Light were going to roll over and allow the other to dominate.

Both Warrior and Light were locked in combat right to the bell to signal the end of each round and they simply picked up where they left off as soon as the next round begun!

There was a lot of skill on show through head locks, body scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins (or attempted pins!) pins and combination holds which left both ladies sweaty and exhausted by the end.

But we suspected they wouldn’t have it any other way as the tough challenge in front of each made them dig deeper and raise their own game.

At the final bell, there was a decisive winner but the respect and admiration was clearly felt from both from the warm embraces they exchanged. We hope to see more of them against each other in the future!

Match 8 Galya v Iza

And so to the grand finale of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s September show and it is traditional for these events to end with the grandest of bangs!

As always, we were not to be disappointed as we pitted the two hugely exciting and very beautiful Bulgarian battling babes Galya and Iza up against one another to send the punters home very happy indeed!

Galya is a MWC show mainstay while Iza was in her first ever event but that wasn’t the only difference as Galya had to overcome a noticeable size disadvantage when they locked horns in the centre of the ring.

Not that that was going to be an issue of course as Galya used her speed and guile while Iza tried to impose her larger frame on her compatriot.

This of course resulted in an thrilling, high speed contest as the contrasting styles invited each other to attack with the intention of imposing them on to each other.

We’d see ankle locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, head locks, a variety of different pins and combinations holds executed which were impressively resisted or fought out of.

It went back and forth as they battled each other across the ring’s canvas with no quarter given as they sought to strike.

Rounds came and went but Galya and Iza remained entrenched in this exciting fight as they sought to secure a bit of national pride by besting one of their fellow Bulgarians!

Let’s put it this way, the first submission when it arrived wasn't easily conceded that’s for sure and the action continued at the same pace immediately afterwards!

The hard battle continued right to the very end with everything to wrestle for and it remained as intense and tight to provide a fitting end to the show. Even the post fight arm wrestle followed the pattern of the match!

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