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Sativa vs Vox

A reputation of being an ass-kicking badass babe can be almost as effective a weapon as the skills one possesses on the mats.

And that certainly seems to be the case for sensational Sativa! The less experienced Vox seems nervous and cries out in fear when her strong and talented rival grabs hold of her for the first time on the MWC mats!

Vox - an up and coming talent in her own right - is surprised by the speed and power of Sativa, who see's red and seems determined to get it from the fresh meat in front of her.

Sativa brutally attacks after taking her down, even yanking Vox’s long hair to help her get a nasty looking choke hold on combined with those incredible legs wrapped around Vox’s exposed torso.

Things don’t get any better for the Eastern European as Sativa remorselessly continues her attacks and really has her way with Vox who is fighting to survive more than anything else!

There are more scissor holds and locks as well as arm bars, face sits, pins and smothers that have Vox crying out in pain and submitting regularly when the pain gets too much for her to bear.

To her credit, Vox does try to fight back and give Sativa problems but the English beauty is as determined and stubborn as she is strong and skilful so she has the answers to any questions posed to her and escapes before Vox can make her submit.

Sativa wears a smile throughout the whole contest but behind that smile is a brutal assassin who relishes in taking Vox apart.

The result was never ever in doubt from the moment they started and Vox certainly knew that she had been well and truly dominated by the incredible force that is Sativa!

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