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Ruby Lix vs Beth Bennett

They say good things come in small packages and we are inclined to agree when they come in the form of the brilliant Ruby Lix.

The pint sized fighter has a big heart and huge enthusiasm, which is just as well really when she comes face to face with the strong and imposing Beth Bennett in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

The blonde bombshell is straight in with the mockery of Ruby’s 4’10” frame, despite the fact she is only a handful of inches taller herself and she even tells Ruby she has never felt taller just moments before she throws the little lady to the canvas!

A defiant Ruby tells Beth that being smaller doesn’t mean she can’t take her but the curvy wrestler dismisses her and continues her quest to dish out some punishment.

Beth knees her in the belly, throws her into the turnbuckles, rag dolls her about and mercilessly continues to mock her.

But the bigger they are, the harder they fall and that is certainly true when the plucky and tricky Ruby turns the table and goes on the attack - surprising Beth with a few quick moves that see the bigger woman land hard on the canvas.

All of a sudden, the little fighter is giving as good as she is getting and then some and the looks of shock and horror on Beth’s beautiful face tell their own story!

it becomes a back and forth battle between two grapplers who are determined to make the other pay and earn a much wanted victory.

The brutality of the moves from both Ruby and Beth continues throughout this battle, as do the insults, as the back and forth contest reaches its climax.

By the end, there is a delighted winner who celebrates with a victory prose over her prone opponent’s body.

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