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Roxi Keogh Humiliates Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

Not content with getting his butt well and truly destroyed in his first ever encounter with beautiful Roxi Keogh, Chicken Boy Dave was back for more.

Perhaps he’s taken too many bumps to his head from all those matches where the puny one has found himself way out of his depth and subsequently destroyed by a far stronger and far more skilful woman.

Anyway, here he is again, interrupting the sexy star as she is minding her own business and just working out in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

This time he feels cheated because he claims Roxi had previously told him she’d never wrestled before she destroyed him so he’s back for revenge with the aim of putting her in her place!

However, talking about doing something and actually doing it are two very different things as he soon finds out when this bout gets underway.