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Roxi Keogh Humiliates Chicken Boy Dave

The girls might be different but the story remains the same in the wrestling adventures of Chicken Boy Dave!

We knew what he was thinking. “Oh, It’s a new girl so this should be easy!” But it never is, is it Chicken Boy and it certainly wasn't when he came up against the beauty that is Roxi Keogh.

Our brave little soldier was dismissive of her to begin with and told her that he was “number one” in these parts but Roxi clearly wasn’t impressed and she was instantly proved right not to be when he tried to attack her!

Instead of taking her down, Chicken Boy found himself on the mats with the stronger and more skilful Roxi on top of him, trapping him in a schoolgirl pin!

Naturally, the taunts from Roxi started before the inevitable tap out! “Well, that was a bit pathetic wasn’t it!” She proved she can hurt him verbally as well as physically as she continued to take him apart.

All the early confidence and bravado was already completely drained away from his puny little body while Roxi just seemed to sense there was more to be had!

She made him hurt, she made him squeal and she made him submit time and time again through a number of impressive moves such as head scissors, arm bars, breast smothers, grapevine pins, head locks and even torture through shoving her feet into his face - something he really doesn’t like!

Her verbal game remained strong throughout too as she teased and mocked him mercilessly along the way while making him hurt!

It’s pure destruction from start to finish laced with comedy. The ending is as emphatic as the overall performance and Roxi certainly enjoys posing over Chicken Boy’s prone body as he lies out.

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