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Rosie vs Miss Vox

This had all the makings of a cracking match before they’d even stepped on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats and we sure as hell weren’t let down!

Blonde Rosie taking on the brunette Miss Vox with both beauties eager to show off their immense skills and strengths and get an impressive win under their belts.

They went straight at one another and we immediately saw some of those skills in the opening seconds with head scissors and ankle locks being locked on, serving notice to one another that they weren’t here to play!

Miss Vox has more experience than her rival but Rosie wasn’t here just to make up the numbers and her sheer determination meant she was going to be a handful for her opponent.

There were arm bars, camel clutches, body scissors, choke holds, headlocks, leg locks, a variety of pins and combination holds - some of which earned some much sought after tap outs.

But what was equally impressive was the stamina and sheer determination of both athletes to resist whenever they found themselves in a painful looking predicament. Lesser fighters would have folded at times when this pair didn’t!

Rosie and Miss Vox battled hard and all over the mats, both determined to dominate over the other and that made for an intriguing contest from start to finish with both fighters shining.

As the match progressed one of the ladies did, however, steal a march on the other and build up a commanding lead in terms of how many submissions she had won.

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