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Rosie vs Ivy Rain

There has been an exciting influx of fresh faced, red hot and talented new wrestlers through the doors of Monica’s Wrestling Centre during the past few months.

And one of those is the ravishing Rosie who is already building up a sizeable fan base since bursting on the scene recently.

But she faced a serious test in Monica’s Mats of Doom Room as she came up against the delightful English Rose that is the shapely Ivy Rain, who is now well established in the scene!

Luckily for all of us, they were keen to get it on and wasted no time in getting it on, with both locked in headlocks before taking the battle to the floor.

And we were soon seeing why both of these girls are fast becoming firm favourites as they each earned those all important tap outs with some outstanding moves that clearly had a painful impact on each other.

Both Rosie and Ivy Rain tapped out from school girl pins, breast smothers, grapevines, body scissors while also doing their best to show resilience and not submit easily when caught in what looked like some seriously painful moves!

It was fast paced and exciting as these two clearly just wanted to fight and secure an impressive victory under their belts and it certainly was as easy on the eye as these two beautiful models are to look at.

It was being battled in a good spirit but make no mistake - both Rosie and Ivy Rain are competitive and they really wanted to win the bragging rights after this one. And boy did they fight hard right up until the referee called time on this great contest.

By the end, there was a clear winner but she was made to work extremely hard for it and the joy on her face was proof she was proud of beating an excellent opponent!

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