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Rosie vs Galya

When someone as talented and determined as exquisite eastern European Galya steps on to Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s mats looking like she means business, you do worry for her opponent.

In this case, blonde beauty Rosie is the one who steps on the mats hoping to continue her impressive, ever improving form that has seen her become a fan favourite here.

But, sadly, for her, our fears are confirmed when after a polite handshake, Galya explodes into action and starts what seems to be her quest to take Rosie apart.

She wastes no time at all, taking Rosie down to the mats and then trapping her in what looks to be an excruciatingly painful arm bar that leaves the blonde with no choice but to scream in pain and then tap out.

And if she thought that was bad, there was much more agony to follow as a rampant Galya got her where she wanted once again and got another submission - this time with a reverse head scissor. This was looking like a walk in the park for a rampant Galya!

However, when you are one of Monica’s proteges, you don’t just roll over and take punishment without putting up a good fight and Rosie certainly did that, fighting back with moves such as body scissors, breast smothers and cross body pins.

But Galya is in a determined mood and she gets her own way with an array of moves including body scissors and headlocks. She even pulls out a very inventive leg lock move which has the desired effect on poor Rosie!

There is no doubting Rosie’s talent and heart when it comes to any fight she finds herself in and this was another example of her fearless attitude. But Galya was in no mood to stand and admire her foe and she certainly made her point by the end of this one!

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