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Rosie Gia Vanquished

If you look up the phrase ‘baptism of fire’ then you might find the definition to be the description of a match where a brand new MWC wrestler takes on a remorseless dominatrix!

Rosie Gia is someone clearly made for combat sports with an attitude and glorious look to match but nothing - and we mean absolutely nothing - can prepare her for a showdown with Madame Vanquish!

The blonde beauty happily accepts Madame Vanquish’s invitation to get the first shot in and applies a bear hug and starts squeezing hard.

But in the first of many demoralising moments, the attack has absolutely no effect on the brutal dominatrix who looks bored and unimpressed with the new opponents efforts.

Madame Vanquish scoops her up and introduces Rosie to her knee with a vicious backbreaker which sets the tone for the rest of this match.

Rosie is a wriggler and full of energy and determination but despite these impressive efforts, she finds it simply isn't enough against someone who has an unquenchable thirst for destroying any talent that dares to step on the mats against her.

What makes things worse is that as well as giving Rosie a lot of chat along the way, Madame Vanquish has a seriously evil laugh which demoralises and intimidates in equal measure.

Rosie suffers through arm bars, bear hugs, body scissors, head locks, head scissors and combination holds that make her suffer for sustained periods.

Despite her obvious guts and resilience, Rosie really has nothing to stop the onslaught or offer in return as Madame Vanquish has fun playing at her expense.

It’s the sort of ordeal that could leave Rosie having nightmares about for weeks and months to come!

Mercifully for her there is an end. But the drawback to that is it involves her being out cold - another who has come and been Vanquished!

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