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Rosie Gia dominates Dave

“I’m the Chicken Boy, these are my mats and you are going DOWN!” He said, seconds before failing to take Rosie Gia down and instead finding himself put on his ass himself!

We will never tire of Chicken Boy’s self confidence because it keeps us highly amused and, likewise, we will never tire of seeing beautiful grapplers putting him in his place!

Rosie is the new girl of MWC and she was clearly determined to make sure little Dave knew exactly who she was by the end of this one!

Chicken Boy always tries his best but a lack of size, strength and skills tend to be a drawback in the wrestling game and it soon became apparent that this wasn’t going to be his day again.

Rosie started as she meant to go on and that involved trapping him in a vicious head lock and making him scream and struggle as she cranked up the pressure.

“You’re funny aren’t you?” She gave a cute chuckle as she made him suffer whilst crushing him between her python legs, perfectly adding insult to the injury!

In fact she constantly wore a beaming smile across her beautiful face but she never forgot the serious business of beating his sort ass and making him beg for mercy.

He endured body scissors, breast smothers, head locks, arm locks, school girl pins, slaps all over his little body, head scissors and a chorus of taunts along the way.

Chicken Boy did his best. Well, he made hilarious threats that he would get her for what she was doing to him anyway but the reality was he had no answer!

One day he might realise that new girls also have too much for his puny frame to handle. But in the meantime, we will enjoy girls like Rosie battering him!

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