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Rogue vs Venom

There is something especially menacing about a strong experienced badass fighter such as Venom when she is eyeing up fresh meat standing across from her in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

Of course, Rogue is not green when it comes to Shiny Pro Ring Girls battles and she has more than proved herself time and time again when thrust into combat against all sorts of opponents.

But the machine like beauty Venom seems to be licking her lips in anticipation at what she intends to do to the young gorgeous fighter who has dared to step into the squared circle to face her.

Rogue is fearless and she confidently tells Venom she is more than ready for this challenge and there is no reason why any of us shouldn’t believe her.

But it’s not often she comes across someone as powerful as Venom in the wrestling arena and she soon finds out how relentless and painful an experience it can be!

Venom is soon throwing her around the canvas and trapping her in unforgiving holds that make the redhead scream in agony time and time again.

No matter how much Rogue tries to escape and fight back herself, Venom just ups the ante and increases her attacks - her victim’s anguished cries seemingly like music to her ears.

She gets her in calm clutches, arm bars, body scissors, head locks, head scissors, ankle locks and combination holds which clearly have a negative impact on poor Rogue, who can only suffer.

Such is the brutality that Rogue even starts losing bits of her wrestling costume as the contest wears on!

Despite Rogue’s best efforts, this is a masterclass in one sided beatings and Venom is at the top of her game making sure she delivers it! Incredible stuff!

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