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Rogue vs Supernova

The intimidating powerhouse that is Supernova is feeling hungry and she certainly licks her lips when she sees what meal she is being served up in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls Encounter.

Her rival, the beautiful Rogue, was looking confident as she warmed up before the clash in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain but she must have felt some trepidation seeing the opponent standing in the opposite corner.

And Supernova was clearly in the mood as she came out with her own confident verbals before launching into a physical attack on the stunned Rogue.

Rogue is always improving and always excelling in the squared circle but she found herself being overwhelmed early on as a rampant Supernova looked to put an end to proceedings at the earliest possible moment.

But, as she herself remarked, Rogue has a lot of fight and she was never going to simply tap out in the early minutes when neither lady had even worked up a bit of a sweat!

And she even had plenty of attacking moments herself too which almost caught the complacent Supernova out on several occasions.

However, Supernova was determined to enjoy her meal and went through the gears to inflict some serious punishment on Rogue as the contest wore on.

She delivered headbutts, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, school girl pins and combination holds which, judging by the screams coming from Rogue, certainly had the desired effect!

And to add insult to injury, Supernova continued the trash talking throughout which can’t have helped Rogue’s confidence in any way.

As we drew to the close of the contest, it was hard to imagine any other outcome than a Supernova victory and sure enough, she delivered in brutal style!

Her ‘delicious’ review probably wasn’t appreciated by her destroyed rival who was flat out on the canvas at the end!

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