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Rogue vs Ina Black

It seems that no matter how talented and strong a wrestler is, it’s never good enough when she goes up against the legendary Ina Black!

Take ravishing Rogue, for example. It’s always a joy seeing her show off her skills in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain and she is now a firm favourite when she competes in Shiny Pro Ring Girls matches.

No matter how confident she is feeling, the imposing Bulgarian soon knocks it out of her and gets down to doing what she does best - destroying anyone who dares to stand against her!

Within seconds, Rogue finds herself flat on the canvas being stretched in angles a body should not be stretched in while her torso is crushed by Ina’s boot clad foot - it’s a rough start to a match for sure!

Of course this, and all of her attacks, are accompanied by the tradition of Ina mocking and laughing at her poor victim throughout the whole beatdown which just adds to the punishment.

But despite wearing a permanent smile on her face throughout, Ina is always extremely serious about wrestling and she certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to displaying her full arsenal of weapons throughout the whole match.

She traps Rogue in grapevine pins, firemen’s lifts, school girl pins, breast smothers, arm bars, blows to the belly, head locks, choke holds, scissors and even ramming her into the corner turnbuckle!

For her part, Rogue spends the entire match either screaming in agony or just desperately trying to survive the onslaught - which she can do very little to stop despite her best efforts.

And while the redhead is suffering, Ina simply enjoys the fruits of her labour, right up until the inevitable conclusion and her standing triumphantly over Rogue’s battered body at the end!

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