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Rogue vs Bambi

There aren’t many better sights than seeing two gorgeous grapplers limbering up in Monica’s Ring Of Pain ready to get it on in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ encounter!

And that’s exactly what we get when beauties Rogue and Bambi go through their exercises ahead of their hotly anticipated clash in the squared circle.

They were full of smiles and even exchange a friendly looking handshake as they circle one another - both ladies clearly relishing the challenge that awaited them.

Bambi certainly had the look of confidence etched across her beautiful face but it was a case of be careful what you wish for as she was hit by a swift and punishing attack from Rogue who took control of the early stages of this contest.

And she seemed determined to keep the pressure on and really assert her dominance as she hurled Bambi around and trapped her in very painful looking holds in a series of relentless and punishing attacks.

Bambi is strong - a point she was keen to make during this match - and that toughness helped her endure some serious punishment before she could even think about plotting her way back into the contest.

We saw bear hugs, camel clutches, head locks, forearms to the back, arm bars, take downs, punches, clubbing blows to the back and combination holds - all of which had the desired effect, judging by the moans and groans we heard! 

We had plenty of chatter between Rogue and Bambi too which always helps spice up the proceedings in these matches!

By the end though, when the talking was done, there was a clear winner who celebrated in style over the loser, who looked on helplessly and sadly as she lay flat out on the mats.

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