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Rogue Destroys Andrew- Rematch

Andrew is nothing if not persistent as, despite the countless beatdowns he has suffered at the hands of the girls on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster, he always comes back for more!

This time, he is after revenge and he comes crashing gorgeous Rogue’s warm up session in the Ring Of pain demanding a rematch after he got battered previously because he, and we quote, “was a bit tired and had things on his mind”!

But before we dismiss him, Andrew announces that Rogue will ‘feel the pain’ and he is the first to attack getting the redhead in a pretty decent looking head lock which could give him the advantage he needs.

This hope lasts for around five seconds and ends with him beneath Rogue and her mocking his efforts before getting to work on working him over.

He is first given a nice long stretching session which he probably didn’t want before Rogue starts to ramp things up seriously and putting him through the wringer.

Andrew’s pre-fight confidence takes a battering in the opening minutes of the match and things don’t get any easier as Rogue starts to adopt a variety of impressive ways in making him suffer by her very own hands.

She gets him in reverse choke holds, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors, cross body pins, combination holds and even a resourceful use of the ropes - all of which have him suffering and probably wondering why he dared to take her on again.

Rogue has a sharp tongue too and she constantly berates him and demonstrates that she is enjoying every second of the beatdown she is handing him on a plate!

It’s safe to say, Andrew doesn’t get the revenge he came looking for as the ‘contest’ ends with the inevitable sight of him lying battered with Rogue celebrating over him!

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