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Rebel vs Veronica Venom

Now this one was the very definition of a mouthwatering clash! Two super strong, super skilled and super experienced wrestlers clashing where only one could emerge victorious was always going to have us on the edge of our seats.

Rebel and Veronica Venom are two badass brawlers in the world of Shiny Pro Ring Girls and they are used to getting their own way each time they set foot in the Ring of Pain at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

Rebel did her customary attack of the corner turnbuckle ahead of the clash while Venom smiled and looked sweet - a ploy which always betrays how brutal she likes to get once the action gets underway!

Venom started circling Rebel, who remained strong and silent, before attacking from behind and taking her imposing rival down to the canvas.

Normally Rebel can easily shake off the girls but Venom is not like all the other girls and we were immediately in the throes of a heck of a battle!

As you’d expect, both of these warriors were quick to utilise their exceptional ability and trapped each other in head locks, body scissors, school girl pins, arm bars, guillotines and combination holds.

They weren’t shy about getting into street fighter mode either with some punches and kicks along with some more underhand tactics - winning is everything to these two winners!

And they certainly showed they were equally as good at verbal insults as they are at the physical side of things!

The initiative swung back and forth with Venom and Rebel both enjoying plenty of momentum on their side in this thrilling contest which was always going to go to the wire!

Both ladies gave it their all and it was impossible to call a winner as we approach the end. We were given a shocking conclusion and the promise of rematches in the future!

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