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Rebel vs Ruby Lix

Everyone loves a good underdog story, cases of David versus Goliath with the plucky smaller person overcoming the odds to earn victory, right?

Well, everyone barring menacing and ruthless fighter Rebel that is who, as ever, is only ever interested in exerting her domination over whoever she faces in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain.

And she certainly isn’t going to entertain the prospect of tiny Ruby Lix scoring a memorable and highly unlikely victory in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

Sure enough, after her customary beating of the corner turnbuckle, Rebel is straight after her vastly smaller opponent, woman handling her from the very first second and bringing a world of pain from the get go.

Rebel is used to being the smaller competitor in any of her matches but Rebel brings with her a unique form of brutal beatings which she executes with no remorse or consideration of taking it easy.

Instead, we get what we always get from the bigger dominatrix - an exhibition on how to deliver pain!

Ruby finds herself thrown around the canvas, hurled into the corners of the ring, scooped up with ease, crushed by Rebel’s boots, scissored, pinned and have her arms twisted in angles they are simply not meant to go.

To make matters worse, Rebel allows Ruby Lix to attempt some offensive moves but the pint-sized wrestler cannot make any impact and soon finds herself on the receiving end again!

And on the occasion when she does seem to find some joy, this just provokes Rebel into coming back at her even stronger and with even more menace than before!

It’s a vicious one-sided affair with Rebel showing no mercy and instead enjoying her destruction of the beleaguered Ruby Lix! Sadly, no ‘underdog prevailing’ story going on here…

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