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Rebel vs Ruby Lix

We’ve seen big tough and strong humbled at the hands of the remorseless wrecking machine Rebel who has an insatiable appetite to destroy anyone who dares step up to face her.

So imagine how little Ruby Lix felt facing the dominant one in Monica’s Wrestling centre’s Ring of Pain for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match!

Rebel doesn’t really care who she is facing, she only has one goal in mind and that is to win and she shows this ruthless streak immediately by scooping Ruby up with ease and asking her opponent if she is scared…to which she gets an immediate trembling ‘yes’!

The smaller woman soon finds herself flying across the ring and landing with a hard bump as Rebel turns things up a few notches and sets about the task she has in front of her.

The moans and groans and screams emanating from Ruby dominate the soundtrack of this contest as Rebel just goes through her like a hot through butter.

Ruby is a courageous fighter and does her best to survive and even tries launching her own attacks but finds she is unable to make any kind of dent in Rebel’s almost Impenetrable armour.

To add huge insult to increasingly painful injury, Rebel also taunts and laughs in her opponent’s face - especially when she is suffering her most uncomfortable moments - she really is devilish!

Brave Ruby continues to do her best to fight back and has a few moments but, sadly for her, they are all too brief as Rebel refuses to be derailed and continues to steam her way to victory.

This is a typically dominant performance from relentless Rebel who, as ever, shows absolutely no mercy towards her victim as she proudly celebrates over her battered and broken rival at the end.

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