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Rebel vs Rogue

If you want a Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest of contrasts then this is most definitely the match for you!

In one corner of Monica’s Ring of Pain, we have the fresh faced young Rogue looking sweet and innocent in her sparkling new gear while in the other we have the dominating, remorseless machine that is Rebel.

Rebel is never in the mood to play as she always comes to destroy - a point she proves emphatically by punching the corner turnbuckle very hard before the match has even gotten under way!

She looks to immediately bring the pain to Rogue but finds the fresh-faced youngster knows a trick or two of her own and gets her own headlocks and body scissors into play early on.

However, you get the impression this merely fuels Rebel’s fire as she gets out of those painful holds and puts Rogue in trouble in a variety of inventive ways.

Rebel has the ability to twist people up into directions their limbs are simply not supposed to go and she’ll make her victims scream in agony.