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Rebel vs London Rematch

We must admit, Rebel’s ritual of punching and kicking the life out of the corner turnbuckles before each of her Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounters is quite a sight.

Her presence in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain alone is intimidating so to see her vicious streak before the match has even begun gives us the shivers - and we’re watching from the safety of the other side of the ropes!

The action does not go unnoticed by her latest opponent who comes in the shape of beautiful London, who asks her bigger rival if she feels better for it!

But instead of being psyched out by it, London shows no fear whatsoever and confidently tells Rebel that she is going to beat her! We’ve always loved her confidence!

Of course, Rebel is not impressed with the bravado and after a quick test of strength (Rebel passed the test) she is soon going to work on her smaller foe and destroying the bold plan the blonde had in place.

After a few rather insulting slaps to the chest, London finds herself easily being hoist off the ground and carried around the ring like a hunter proudly parading her catch.

Rebel is in typically unforgiving mood as she throws London into the corner, almost chokes her with a boot to the throat and takes her down at ease.

But London is nothing if not resilient and she doesn’t just take this punishment without a fight, getting her own chokes, kicks and even a Boston crab locked onto a stunned Rebel!

The action is breathless and both Rebel and London get plenty of impressive attacking moves in which are not appreciated by the woman on the receiving end!

By the end, there is a clear winner and boy does she enjoy celebrating over her rival!

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