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Rebel vs London

Fantastic pro wrestling talents come in all shapes and sizes so everyone at Shiny Pro Ring Girls thought it would be interesting to pit Rebel against London in a match of contrasts!

The beautiful and skilled London is a little spitfire in any combat sport she decides to ply her trade in and she certainly isn’t one to shirk a challenge no matter how big or daunting they come.

But they don’t come more big and daunting then the magnificent Rebel, who is always in the mood and dominate and punish any fighter who dares step into Monica’s Ring of Pain to face her.

Immediately, Rebel is quick to mock her smaller opponents size, much to the annoyance of London who remains determined to prove the doubter wrong.

But Rebel isn’t entertaining any thoughts of defeat and immediately starts to show off her dominatrix streak by punishing London in the corner and making her suffer.

The punishment comes in an array of vicious moves including boots to the neck, a fireman’s carry before a nasty thud to the canvas, a head lock that has London desperately tapping for relief and wrist locks.

But did we mention London is a spitfire?! Just when we thought this was going to be a demolition job the resourceful blonde turns the table with a few well placed punches and starts making Rebel suffer!

Suddenly Rebel knows she is in for a real battle and the arrogance and complacency that was starting to creep into her performance give way to a renewed anger and fight!

They continue to trade off some impressive pro wrestling moves without forgetting some demoralising trash talk along the way.

By the end there is a clear winner but both ladies know they have been in a great fight!

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