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Rebel vs Gabriella

Ruthless Rebel seems to constantly want to bust people up and she is in typical fighting mode even before she has entered Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls match.

But gorgeous Gabriella has a cocky confidence that matches her stunning looks and always believe she can beat anyone including a badass dominatrix like Rebel - as proved when she gets right in her face at the start!

For Rebel, this is like a red rag to a bull and she grabs Gabriella in a tight bear hug and starts squeezing her with all her might.

But Gabriella is skilled and determined and she fights back and locks her legs around Rebel’s torso and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

All this coming within the first few seconds of the fight! Phew - this was one fight that was well and truly on!

They were soon battling all over the squared circle as each looked to impose her authority on the other and neither willing to give in easily or show any signs of weakness.

We have head scissors, arm bars, body scissors, head locks, a variety of pins, lot of grunting and groaning and plenty of trash talking between the feisty fighters.

Rebel and Gabriella were knocking seven bells out of one another as they battled relentlessly looking to gain an impressive win under their belts.

Things get more brutal as the match wears on and there are some eye-watering attacks which left all of us wincing on the sidelines - god knows how the ladies inside the ring were feeling!

And it was this type of brutality which finally gave one of them the all important submission for victory. And she certainly enjoyed celebrating over the loser’s defeated body laid out on the canvas!

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