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Rebel vs Eva

Rebel is a truly fearsome prospect for anyone and she has a habit of smashing the corner turnbuckles of the MWC Ring of Pain with her punches and kicks prior to every fight!

However, it appears it might not have been the smartest move she’d ever made here as an exuberant head butt to the post left her reeling on the canvas and seeing three of her opponent.

Now Eva might be small in size but she is a strong, extremely talented wrestler and she is a handful for anyone when there is just one of her - let along three!

Sure enough, Rebel struggles to shake off the dizziness and she almost loses the Shiny Pro Ring Girls bout in the opening moments to a pin as a result.

Eva is encouraged though and is straight on to her reeling rival with a head lock, trying to put her to sleep and get a truly famous victory.

But Rebel is never in trouble for long and once she gets her bearings back to normal, that can only mean trouble - something Eva discovers when she is on the receiving end of a slamming suplex!

And, of course, when Rebel is in the mood she is never shy about inflicting some serious damage on her opponents using her arsenal of weapons.

Eva suffers from arm locks and ankle locks as Rebel looks to take control. But Eva is no pushover and she isn't prepared to give up her advantage just like that.

Among her onslaught of attacks on Rebel, Evan forces her to endure some more ‘head banging’ - reintroducing Rebel to the turnbuckles!

This turns into a slobber knocker of a brawl with both of these powerful wrestlers enjoying their time on top and taking the fight to the other before one finally emerges as a delighted winner!

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