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Rebel vs Cristal Lite

The sight of badass Rebel standing in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain like she owns it and then unleashing vicious punches and kicks against the corner turnbuckle would intimidate many a fighter.

But gorgeous Cristal Lite isn’t phased in the slightest and looks full of confidence and even jokingly likens the pink haired dominatrix to a ‘My Little Pony’ ahead of their Shiny Pro Ring Girls match up.

She even followed this up by grabbing Rebel and taking her down to the canvas and smothering her with her breasts, which both Cristal Lite and the rest of us suspect Rebel really enjoyed!

But Rebel isn't one for playing. It doesn’t take much for her to spark into action and this is exactly what happened when she appeared to get fed up with being on her back and decided to go on the attack instead.

Cristal was now discovering that the pink haired pony she thought was cuddly at the start has a very nasty bite and isn’t afraid to take chunks out of anyone who dares to step up and take her on in a fight.

The pair traded blows and caught each other in moves which most certainly had the desired impact judging by the grunts and groans coming from their mouths.

But they also took the punishment in their strides because, after all, they were there to fight and a bit of agony comes with the territory!

As well as traditional wrestling moves, they were elements of street brawling thrown in as they stopped at nothing to get the win they were clearly craving.

Both Rebel and Cristal Lite gave it everything they had right up until the final flourish with many twists and turns along the way. The eventual winner was certainly delighted with her day’s work at the end!

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