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Rebel vs Cheetah

Some of the fighters who step through the ropes of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain are brutal and let rip with all kinds of punishment.

Take the incredible Rebel. She unleashed a barrage of power punches and shattering kicks in a stunning start. And that was just to the turnbuckle before this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match with sexy Cheetah got underway!

Rebel’s evil laugh and glare might intimidate some but if Cheetah was frightened, she was doing a damn good job of hiding it as she proudly posed showing off her muscles and not flinching in the face of her imposing rival.

But posing and showing no fear is one thing. Taking down and beating a powerhouse like Rebel is something completely different as Cheetah found out to her cost when the action got underway.

The younger eastern European soon found herself being thrown about and rag dolled around the ring as Rebel looked to destroy her as soon as possible.

In the early exchanges, Cheetah’s best efforts were barely registering as she endured a barrage of attacks from the ruthless Rebel.

When she did have some joy, it seemed to enrage Rebel even more who’d fight back even more brutally than before!

There were bearhugs, arm bars, boots to the throat, body scissors, head locks, backbreakers, ankle locks and combination holds - most of which came from the relentless Rage while Cheetah fought hard just to stay in the fight.

Even more demoralising for Cheetah was the looks and smirks coming from Rebel who was clearly enjoying this demolition job of someone who is known to be an excellent and strong wrestler.

But this was certainly not Cheetah’s day - not that Rebel has any genuine sympathy for her of course as she celebrated over her battered and beaten body!

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