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Rebel vs Bitch Cassidy

Bitch Cassidy is a character full of confidence and always ready to have fun in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But even with her arrogance at full volume, she should always remember never to provoke a beast. Especially when that beast comes in the size and shape of the remorseless Rebel!

The warning signs were there before they started with Rebel doing what now seems a Shiny Pro Ring Girls ritual for her where she punches and kicks the corner turnbuckle with serious anger.

Cassidy ignored this however and playfully threw jabs and light kicks as Rebel stood unamused in the centre of the ring, being her time.

And with the beast suitable provoked, she pounced and the mood changed from playful to painful as Cassidy’s screams started filling the arena.

There were vicious kicks, windpipe crushing boots to the throat, powerful forearms to the back of the head - and this was all just in the first minute with an increasingly desperate Cassidy on the receiving end!

Cassidy is a proud fighter though and to her eternal credit, she started fighting back and even connected with some hard body shots to Rebel after getting her down to the canvas.

She followed this up brilliantly and Cassidy started to take down her imposing opponent with some seriously impressive moves along the way.

Suddenly, it was Rebel getting a taste of her own medicine as Cassidy built up momentum and got brutal herself (thumbs in the eyes were a smart move!)!

We were suddenly witnessing a real back and forth match with the previously confident Rebel having to dig deep and match the rampant Cassidy!

The fight got more and more intense and nasty as it wore on. Finally, there was an extremely delighted winner and devastated loser with the end coming in vicious style!

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