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Rebel vs Axel

The pure evil and venomous looks Rebel gives before each of her Shiny Pro Ring Girls matches would be enough to beat lesser fighters.

But one thing’s for sure, Axel is not a lesser fighter. A favourite in Monica’s Wrestling Centre and, as she informs her bigger opponent, she is ready for the fight and to “take her down”!

Rebel has heard it all before though and after a “cheap” move (according to Axel) she soon has her smaller rival on the canvas ready to inflict some serious damage.

She gets to work on Axel’s arm, twisting it up before locking it behind her back before adding a head lock for good measure. Axel tries to fight back but she finds Rebel has an appetite for destruction and is very much in the mood.

Rather than taking Rebel down as she declared with confidence at the start of proceedings, Axel finds herself being thrown around the ring and having to take some vicious blows to her body.

Even when she tries to build momentum and get on the front foot, Rebel takes what she is given and returns it with some serious interest to leave Axel on the canvas and in agony once again.

As well as her sheer power and ability, Rebel always seems able to improvise and lock on painful moves which have the required effect of leaving her opponent in desperate pain.

Axel certainly doesn’t lack heart or effort - and she certainly has her moments in this fight. But ultimately she finds herself constantly at the mercy or a remorseless fighting machine.

Rebel taunts Axel before during and after hitting her with painful moves and this only adds to the agony the smaller fighter suffers.

Mercifully for Axel the end does come but it’s an ending which finds her down on the canvas as Rebel celebrates over her!

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