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Rebel vs Autumn Rose

Is it us or does the intimidating Rebel attack the corner turnbuckle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain with increasing venom every time she is there for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest?

It’s safe to say it has the desired impact though as her rival in this match, the talented Autumn Rose, is left thinking her opponent is “a bit scary” before they have even started!

Autumn does possess bags of pro wrestling skill and experience though so no matter how frightening she appeared to be, Rebel would have to be at her best to subdue and beat this girl!

Both ladies circle each other with intent at the start before Rebel gets to demonstrate her power by forcing Autumn into the corner.

But that is not a sign of things to come as both of these strong grapplers start to showcase their sheer talent, exchanging expert throws and takedowns, much to the surprise and probable admiration of each other.

They then start exchanging an array of fantastic wrestling moves as the action hots up with both Rebel and Autumn Rose clearly up for it and desperate to win.

We see arm bars, head locks, wrist locks, more take downs, scissor holds and pins as well as moves which are not strictly in the rule book - a low blow between the legs certainly stops one of them in their tracks at one stage!

What becomes abundantly clear is that these ladies will go to any length in order to achieve the all important goal of victory and that only adds to the fun for us watching!

And given the brutality of some of the moves, both Rebel and Autumn Rose find themselves suffering at various stages of the match!

At the end, one of them is certainly proud of the bone shattering slam which helps her get the victory!

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