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Real Life Husband vs Wife - Wimpy Nick vs Ivy Rain

Wimpy Nick stunned us all here at MWC when he turned in his best ever performance on our mats after countless attempts at trying.

Sadly for our hero though, it simply wasn’t good enough to take down the beautiful Ivy Rain who soon showed him who was boss and rammed his early taunt about how she should be in the kitchen right down his throat.

Fed up of all the ass kickings he had endured previously, Wimpy came out all guns blazing and even made Ivy wince a couple of times when he got on top.

But as well as being one of the hottest newcomers in the scene, Ivy is a fast learner and she soon demonstrated the moves that she has picked up under the guidance of legends like Monica!

And she showed a sadistic and remorseless streak as she often refused to let up or let go - even when Wimpy cried out in agony or tapped out in desperation.

There were plenty of submissions. Ivy got him with excruciating grapevines, crushing body scissors, suffocating breast smothers, nasty guillotines and eye-popping head scissors that saw his head turn red!

Bless him though, Wimpy Nick kept on trying and did all he could to cause Ivy problems and make her work for her win.

But nothing was ever really in doubt as Ivy dealt with whatever he threw at her and then returned it with interest, along with some ego-hurting trash talk and mockery.

Nothing hurts more than the continued beating she gives him though and soon her has absolutely no fight left in him.

She squeezes him into la la land and that’s probably the most merciful thing Ivy was prepared to do for Wimpy Nick! A stunning beatdown by a stunning fighter!

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