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Real life Husband vs Wife - The Rematch

Wimpy Nick has had a fair few explosive clashes with girls at Monica’s Wrestling Centre - all of which ended up with him suffering badly!

But none would have hurt more than one of his last outings here where our hero got his butt kicked by none other than his beautiful wife Ivy Rain!

Not only did she suffer physically but the mental torture of having to bow down and accept his wife is stronger than he is would certainly have eaten him up ever since, not to mention make conversations at the breakfast table a little spicier!

Clearly, he’s been dreaming of getting his revenge ever since and here he finally had his chance to put his “trouble and strife” in her place in the MWC Ring of Pain.

It started off quite affectionately as they greeted each other as “darling” and exchanged compliments about outfits before getting down to business.

Ivy was good when they first met but now she is even better now and she demonstrates this with an array of wrestling moves expertly executed on her dear husband.

He screams as she gets him in grapevine pins, breast smothers, face sits, schoolgirl pins and scissors.

Of course, he has quite a few of his own moments on top and gets her in trouble but ruins them by taunting Ivy who simply escapes and delivers far worse pain than he can take or dish out.

For most of this clash we see Wimpy Nick’s face contorted in agony while Ivy’s angelic features are lit up even more with a devilish and delighted smile!

The end is as brutal as can be with Ivy torturing him before finally putting him out of his misery and sending him to sleep.

He’s a lucky guys to be married to a beauty and be in such a loving relationship out of the ring - but he’s divorced from reality if he thinks he’s the boss of that union!

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