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Pupil vs Teacher - Ivy Rain vs Monica

Under the close eye and coaching of the legend that is Monica, beautiful young wrestler Ivy Rain is coming along just nicely.

She is developing her repertoire and skills all the time and getting stronger and wilier whenever she sets foot on the MWC mats.

But her brilliant coach isn’t satisfied and wants to see just how far she really has come…and no doubt to show her a few more tricks along the way!

Dressed in one pieces and tights, they both certainly look the part and both seem ready for battle as they square up to one another on the mats.

As we suspected though, it is clear right from the start that Ivy is in for one long tough encounter as Monica gets straight to work, taking her down and flipping her over before executing those immense skills the veteran has honed after years of brilliance in the scene.

Ivy gets a taste of Monica’s grapevine pin, body scissor and head lock before she succumbs and has to tap out for the first time.

The lesson, of course, has only just begun so Ivy gets to experience more of Monica’s lethal attacks which include figure four head locks, more body scissors, leg locks and breast smothers which bring about more submissions in the coaches favour.

That’s not to say Ivy didn’t have her moments though! Monica sure as hell felt a vicious body scissors and head scissors that her pupil locked on which earned very reluctant tap outs - we guess at least Monica has the consolation of knowing she is teaching Ivy well!

But for the most part this was very much a case of Monica schooling her pupil. Ivy has shown she is learning very quickly - a rematch further down the line will be very interesting!

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