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Princess Nikki vs Rosie

Ravishing Rosie has been coming on in leaps and bounds since she first stepped into Monica’s Wrestling Centre and this was another test of her ever growing capabilities.

Beautiful Nikki is young but has clocked up plenty of appearances in her wrestling career along with plenty of admiring fans along the way.

And from the opening minutes and as soon as they got their hands on one another, it was clear this battle would not disappoint and would deliver a fabulous match.

Nikki and Rosie were both clearly up for the fight as they each got themselves in a good position only to find their rival too determined and too good to stay down and fight their way back to safety!

The first submission was always going to take a monumental effort to secure and when it eventually did via a body scissor, you could tell the lady who had succumbed was not happy to do so!

Nikki and Rosie continued to fight hard - you could see in both their pretty faces throughout - and displayed their full range of skills as they battled to earn submissions.

We were treated to head scissors, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, breast smothers, a variety of pins and combination holds which clearly had an effect judging by the groans of pain coming from the ladies as they wrestled hard.

Eventually, one of the girls started to take control of the contest after securing some well earned tap outs, much to the frustration of her rival who continued to do her best but couldn’t find any answers to the questions she was being asked!

But it is fair to say both Nikki and Rosie gave it their all and produced a fabulous contest in which they fought hard right up until the end. A must have for your collections!

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