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Princess Nikki Vanquished

Madame Vanquish has made a career out of going through the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster and she’s back on the mats seeking new prey again.

The victim on this occasion comes in the shape of the beautiful and ever improving Princess Nikki, who knows she will need to be at her absolute best to overcome the odds and upset the brutal dominatrix!

As she often does, Madame Vanquish invites her smaller opponent to get a free first shot in to see if she can impress her but when Nikki fails to take advantage, she finds herself being stopped up like a baby and used for a spot of import weight training!

Of course, Nikki hates this but there is nothing she can do and when Madame Vanquish decides to get down to the serious business, a back breaker kickstarts the ordeal for the blonde.

But if she thought that was bad, Nikki was in for an even ruder awakening as her relentless rival started to twist her up into all sorts of shapes to inflict as much pain as she possibly could.

No matter how hard Nikki tried to mount any kind of attacks of her own (including biting!!), Madame Vanquish swatted her away like a fly and then put her through the grinder herself, causing screams of agony to fill the air.

Nikki found herself on the receiving end of head locks, arm bars, camel clutches, fireman’s lifts, body slams, scissors and combination holds which looked as painful as her cries suggested!

What probably made things worse for her was Madame Vanquish’s constant cackling and dismissive comments throughout!

Despite her spirited and rather energetic efforts to try to put the dominatrix in a spot of bother herself, Nikki found herself well and truly Vanquished at the end!

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