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Princess Nikki Destroys Andrew - rematch

Oh Andrew. We know you thought Princess Nikki got lucky against you when you first met on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats (she didn’t, ladies and gents, she destroyed him!).

But it’s sometimes best to keep your thoughts to yourself and not act on them - such as interrupting her when she is minding her own business in the Ring of Pain and looking for a rematch!

Of course, Princess Nikki is not amused by this and she has plenty of words for his cheek before springing into action and showing she has plenty of skilled wrestling moves for him too which she most certainly isn’t shy about demonstrating!

She almost effortlessly grabs hold of Andrew and takes him down to the canvas where she happily makes her move to teach him another harsh but valuable lesson.

He is immediately caught in a reverse head scissor while Princess Nikki continues to verbally admonish his rather foolish bid for revenge - a move even he looks like he regrets within the first few seconds of the contest!

But now he has made his bed, the beautiful blonde is determined to make him lie in it whilst reeling in agony from the punishing moves she inflicts on his sorry body!

Princess Nikki gets him in arm locks, face sits, head scissors, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, head locks, arm bars, guillotines and combination holds which have him screaming in agony throughout.

As well as his cries of pain, we get to hear the royal wrestler deliver some punishing verbal hits too which can’t have done much for Andrew’s crumbling and fragile ego! But it’s the physical pain she specialises in - much to his dismay!

Princess Nikki clearly wanted to leave a lasting message this time and we think Andrew will think twice before crossing her path so willingly again!

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