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Pippa L’Vinn Destroys Cocky Gary

We always find it funny when a weak guy gets all cocky and confident about taking on one of the MWC women but it’s even more hilarious when the lady in question is none other than the Pippa L’Vinn!

Gary proudly announces to the icon that he is in her native Manchester to take all the ‘northern girls’ and the smile on his face lasts around a nanosecond before Pippa wipes it off by grabbing him in a headlock!

Of course, his ego cannot handle it - even when she takes him down to the mats - and he calls it lucky but this is all music to her ears as it just spurs her on to dish out greater punishment!

For those living on another planet, Pippa L’Vinn is the beautiful legend of the sport who has been kicking butt for years.

Like our very own Monica, she has also trained and nurtured many of the top talents in the scene and so she’s never going to struggle when a pathetic weakling like Gary rocks up with his big mouth.

She barely breaks sweat as she gets him in arm bars, schoolgirl pins, face sits, figure four headlocks, head scissors, body scissors, cross body pins, body scissors - it’s a brutal lesson in wrestling from one of the greatest.

Almost as devastating is the trash talk and taunts she fires at him as she is putting him through the grinder. She mocks, she insults, she threatens and she laughs.

Poor Gary can barely get the words or tap outs heard as he suffers. When he is heard, Pippa is annoyed to find him “wimping out” on her!

Unsurprisingly, Pippa makes him beg for mercy (literally!) and demands he refers to her as “Goddess”. He is in no position to argue. Perfect domination by a perfect wrestler!

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