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Phiannix vs Miss Vox

As soon as she arrived at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, beautiful Phiannix made a fantastic impression and has wowed with her performances to date.

But she certainly had her work cut out here as she faced off against the marvellous Miss Vox who continues to get better and better with every single match she battles in!

They were put in the confined space of the Mats of Doom Room which meant there was nowhere for them to hide - not they either would want to as they are two fighters who just love to…well, fight!

They locked up immediately and it became abundantly clear from the start that this would be a tough brawl as both Phiannix and Miss Vox looked for the advantage while doing their level best to get the upper hand.

You could cut the tension with a knife as they fought - one with an arm lock in place and the other trying to squeeze her rival’s torso with her long legs - and it took a monumental effort to get the first submission.

This didn't slow down the intensity though and they continued to battle hard and with every ounce of energy they could muster to get those all important tap outs.

We saw body scissors, leg locks, head scissors, arm bars, face sits, schoolgirl pins, arm locks, head locks and a variety of combination holds throughout the contest. There was a hell of a lot of effort going in from both ladies!

Both Phiannix and Miss Vox had their moments on top but eventually one of the ladies started to collect a healthy amount of submissions as the match entered the latter stages.

While there was a clear winner at the end of this one, there was also a lot of mutual respect as Phiannix and Miss Vox hugged each other after their exhausting match!

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