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Phiannix vs Eva Ray

Phew! Beauties Phiannix and Eva Ray always raise the temperatures of any room just by walking into it.

So imagine how hot things got when the pair were pitted against one another in the confined space of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Room Of Doom where this is no escape and no option but to fight!

Eva Ray has been building up her reputation over a number of matches now while Phiannix is a relative newcomer to the stable - but, both soon found out that they can each do some damage when they get going.

They engaged in a breathless, action packed back and forth battle which showed that each was keen to notch a very impressive victory.

Phiannix has a decent size advantage but Eva Ray little time in showing her blonde rival that her fighting heart is massive.

The initiative went one way and then the other with both of these gorgeous girls showing they have plenty of steely determination too when they tried to resist submitting as long as possible when trapped in some serious holds.

We saw head locks, chokes, body scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins, bread smothers and combination holds which earned both of the competitors well deserved scores on the board.

Every time you thought one of these was taking control of the other, she would find herself having to fend off a spirited comeback!

Neither Phiannix or Eva Ray let up for a second and even when tap outs were secured and holds broken, they immediately lunged at one another and carried on rolling around the tight space they found themselves in.

The result of this one hung in the balance right the way til the end with both ladies exhausted after a pulsating encounter. Download this brilliant fight to see how it pans out!

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