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Phiannix Vanquished

Glorious Phiannix has already made a fabulous impression in her short time in the scene, proving she does belong on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

But, while we love her confidence and spirit, we’re not sure telling a vicious and dominant fighter like Madame Vanquish that she’s “going to kick her ass” is the smartest move for the inexperienced wrestler to make!

The dominatrix has heard it all before, of course, and many like Phiannix have come and left with their egos as bruised and battered as their bodies come the end of the contest.

As usual, Vanquish happily lets her opponent get the first move in and the mind games - as punishing as the physical attacks - start straight away as Phiannix is told her first attack is just like a ‘warm hug’!

Vanquish then gets to work and you know she is on form and in the mood when that demonic laugh accompanies her attacks giving her victim fair warning about what is to come.

The punishment comes in a variety of forms as Madame Vanquish goes through her huge arsenal of moves to inflict the most excruciating pain that she possibly can.

There are nasty arm bars, guillotines, head scissors, wrist locks, cross body pins, ankle locks, body scissors - all of which have Phiannix scrambling and moaning as the intensity of the attacks increase.

The young blonde tries to keep up her confidence and even body tells Vanquish that she ‘must try harder’! But it’s hard to be convincing when you are being scooped up and thrown around like a rag doll!

This is a real chastening experience for the rookie with the only consolation being she won’t face many as vicious and remorseless as this.

Madame Vanquish, on the other hand, was as ruthless as ever and enjoyed celebrating the demise of Phiannix over her battered body!

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