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Penny Banks vs Little Dave

Our brave warrior Little Dave always seems to fancy his chances against any girl he faces but his eyes especially light up when he is up against a newbie.

However, more often than not, he finds out they are not there to make up the numbers and in this case, wonderful WAM babe Penny Banks is in the mood to play!

Before he’s even had the chance to work out what day it is, never mind launch his attack, Penny has grabbed him and taken him down to the MWC mats in a crushing headlock that has him immediately scrambling.

There is a glorious smile on Penny’s beautiful face as she thinks about the intense beating she is planning on handing out to the little man!

He soon finds himself squirming under her curves as she traps him in a school girl pin and taunts him as he tries to find a way to escape.

And she has plenty more tricks up her sleeve beyond that. Her awesome assets make for a great breast smother and she shows a desire to crush him as she places her knee over his tiny chest!

There is much more, of course, including head locks, body scissors, a variety of pins, arm bars and more breast smothers as she takes his sorry ass apart!

Little Dave offers little in the way of offensive moves and instead wears a pained expression on his face for most of the contest as Penny keeps on dishing out severe punishment and humiliation (her wedges and taunts about his pants are glorious!).

Penny just loves beating him while Little Dave faces up to yet another severe beating - that glorious moment where he felt confident before the fight a distant memory!

The end is a brutal as the rest as Little Dave is left flat on his face while Penny celebrates a great victory!

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