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Penny Banks Vanquished

Sexy WAM queen Penny Blanks has faced a baptism of fire facing a host of talented wrestlers since joining the MWC stable.

But nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, would have prepared her for the daunting challenge she was presented with on the MWC when she stood face to face with Madame Vanquish.

The relentless dominatrix has been leaving a trail of destruction in her wake as she takes on and annihilates any of the girls on the MWC roster brave enough to take her on.

Madame Vanquish is fierce, fearless and full of fire and fight and she has been having her wicked way with her victims since day one.

Penny looks apprehensive from the start, even when Madame Vanquish does her usual move of letting her rival get the first attacking move in to see what they can do.

It takes just a few seconds for poor Penny to experience what its like to suffer at the hands of the wrecking machine when she is taken down and trapped in an arm lock and body scissor combination.

One of most intimidating aspects of Madame Vanquish’s performances in matches is the way she laughs and taunts her prey, leaving them with the feeling she could turn at any given moment and this match is no different.

Penny is caught in head scissors, arm bars, guillotines, bear hugs, head locks and even the odd pulling of her hair!

There is very little she can to to stop the relentless attacks from Madame Vanquish who constantly seems to ramp things up!

Penny’s screams of pain fill the arena as the dominatrix continues her brutal assault right up until the end of the contest.

It comes as no surprise to see Penny sprawled out cold on the mats while a proud Madame Vanquish stands over her celebrating adding another victim to her growing list.

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