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Orsi vs Vox

In a relatively short space of time, exquisite Eastern European beauty Vox has made quite an impact on the scene and impressed greatly.

On the other hand, sexy Orsi - another from the east of the continent - has bags of experience under her belt and never disappoints when she sets foot on the wrestling mats.

So, naturally, all of us at Monica’s Wrestling Centre couldn’t wait to get these two together to get it on and tangle.

What made this even more exciting was the fact that both of these two were also keen to fight as they’ve never met before and wanted to see what each other could bring.

Orsi was certainly wanted to test the newer girl and immediately went on the attack, taking her taller rival to the mats and getting those strong arms and legs in action. After a struggle, Vox was in no doubt about the strength of her opponent’s legs having tapped out to a vicious body scissor.

And Vox was soon getting to know the power of those legs even more intimately as Orsi ruthlessly started putting them to punishing use and making poor Vox moan and groan in pain, tapping out regularly as the experienced girl started to dominate.

That’s not to say Vox didn’t go on the attack herself. Orsi certainly felt a head lock and body scissor combination, which saw her tap out in agony and served as a timely reminder that she shouldn’t take her less experienced foe lightly at any time.

But despite her valiant efforts, Vox was certainly being put through the ringer and learning just how powerful Orsi actually is.

She put up a great fight and effort against a more accomplished fighter in Orsi but this is definitely a hard lesson for Vox who will no doubt come back stronger and hungrier!

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