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Orsi vs Tia - pantyhose wrestling

We’ve dipped into the MWC vault and uncovered a classic gem from a few years ago between two gorgeous, skilled ladies for you to enjoy.

Both Orsi and Tia are two beautiful talents so we thought we’d add a bit of extra spice and hotness by asking them to battle it out on the mats while dressed in pantyhose.

Tia towers above Orsi but that doesn’t faze the smaller girl one little bit and indeed she shows off her strength and talent immediately by taking down the larger opponent and getting on top of her, sparking an immediate struggle.

They are both soon battling hard and showing off their flexibility and sheer natural power which results in the first submission being earned with a solid body scissor.

But this is just the starter of a real wrestling feast with the scores being levelled up very quickly afterwards through the execution of a perfect figure four lock.

Neither lady was under any illusion about the challenge they now faced if they were to emerge victorious at the end of this titanic tussle, that’s for sure!

More submissions were exchanged soon after through the use of head and body scissors - both Orsi and Tia have killer legs and they certainly enjoyed sending them into battle the longer this match went on.

One of the many impressive moves saw a cross body head scissor and arm bar combination that brought about a fully deserved tap out for one of the combatants.

The action went back and forth in this thrilling contest with grapevine pins, breast smothers and more scissors bringing about a lot of joy for both Orsi and Tia.

Both of these two beautiful talents give it their all right until the end and there is clearly a lot of respect between the exhausted pair when they shake hands at the end of a titanic struggle.

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