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Orsi Gets Vanquished

Gorgeous Orsi is a strong and skilled wrestler who is always a delight when she steps on to the MWC mats.

But it’s not everyday she comes up against someone as big, powerful and utterly relentless as the incredible pro wrestler and ex-cage fighter Madame Vanquish.

And it is clear right from the opening seconds that the dominatrix is not impressed in the slightest with Orsi, dismissively lifting her up before bringing her back down with a nasty back breaker.

Madame Vanquish is really in the mood to take apart another session wrestler and show Orsi just who is boss!

Orsi will never be the sort of girl who just comes to make up the numbers but she finds it a struggle to lay a glove on her bigger and more imposing opponent whenever she does try to go on the attack.

There is a moment when she catches Madame Vanquish between her powerful legs which have made many a talent tap out in pain. But Madame Vanquish turns the tables shows incredible strength and just stands up with her rival hanging off her!

Madame Vanquish is unforgiving as she takes Orsi apart in another brutal display. She catches her Eastern European opponent in an array of punishing moves including guillotines, leg scissors, head locks, arm bars, and leg locks which create a whole load of agony for Orsi.

The submissions flow like water and Madame Vanquish relishes in destroying the beauty - just as she always enjoys taking girls apart - and the pain and anguish is written on Orsi’s face all the way throughout.

It really is no surprise to see Orsi absolutely beaten and broken at the end but even then Madame Vanquish is not finished as she puts an emphatic full stop on an incredible statement of destruction. She certainly enjoys her victory pose!

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