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Orsi Destroys Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

When these two met on the MWC mats, we thought Chicken Boy Dave had made the biggest mistake of his life when he claimed not to know who beautiful Orsi was.

But he decided to outdo himself here by challenging the girl he now knows everything about to a rematch in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

You’d think that getting to know the pain and suffering she is capable of inflicting on him would be enough to put him off but the cocky little warrior was back - this time in his glittery pants - claiming she got lucky last time! What a fool.

Orsi needs no second invitation to prove that her first win was no fluke and she wastes no time at all, sending him crashing to the mats and starting her latest exhibition of destruction.

She mocks him along the way as she starts to cause him all kinds of hurt in a variety of different ways.

Chicken Boy Dave has more energy and squirms around trying to avoid her attacks and she is delighted that he is trying as it gives her something of a challenge that was sadly missing from her romp last time out.

But it’s not enough to stop the hurricane of pain that he is caught in. Orsi catches him in body scissors, head locks, cross body pins, face sits, arm bars, head scissors and hugs which might sound cute and lovely but are anything but for him (the one using the corner of the ring is spectacular!).

His efforts amount to nothing but Orsi collects submissions at regular intervals along the way and she certainly enjoys herself throughout.

By the end of this “rematch”, Chicken Boy Dave is left a whimpering wreck once again while Orsi stands proud and victorious once again over his unconscious body!

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