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Orsi Destroys Chicken Boy Dave

If there is one thing you shouldn’t do to a badass babe like Orsi is disrespect her when you are about to battle her on the MWC mats.

But that’s exactly what big-mouthed little guy Chicken Boy Dave does when he claims not to know who the exquisite Eastern European is when they face off against one another.

Orsi is not impressed by this but vows to make him remember and it turns out that this ominous warning is anything but an empty threat!

Our hero tries to take her down at the start but Orsi is unmoved and instead puts him on to the mats and gives him an instant lesson on just who she is when she makes him struggle under a breath-taking breast smother.

An arm bar and wrist lock soon follow as do Chicken Boy’s squeals of pain, prompting Orsi to ask if he remembers who she is now?!

Whether he does or not is irrelevant as Orsi starts working her way through her arsenal of weapons which just prompt more screams of pain and agony out of the little guy.

Chicken Boy finds himself trapped in head locks, body scissors, arm locks, cross body pins, figure four head locks, head scissors and arm bars which leave him submitting and pretty much begging for mercy.

Orsi, of course, has no remorse and she continues to school him on just exactly who she is and what this wrestling beauty is all about!

To add insult to injury, Orsi taunts him throughout and mocks his spectacular lack of wrestling ability as well as his sieve like memory.

By the end of this encounter, there is no doubt Chicken Boy knows exactly who Orsi is and exactly how strong she is as she gleefully poses over his prone body!

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