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Orsi B vs Emily

Who doesn’t love a classic blonde v brunette battle, especially when the blonde and the brunette in question come in the form of strong skilful beauties such as Emily and Orsi B.

The two of them certainly mean business and you can sense they are just keen to go at it when they face off in the tight confines of the Mats of Doom Room at Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

And, as a result, they waste no time at all in getting at it and are soon battling hard all over the room looking to gain an advantage on one another.

The early exchanges tell us this will be an immense clash between someone with speed and flexibility against someone with immense strength - their impressive wrestling skills being the obvious thing they have in common!

And it is these skills being utilised effectively which helps both Orsi B and Emily get off the mark when they trade body scissors to result in those highly sought after tap outs!

The scene is set and the pace and intensity of the fight never relents for a second as they both just give it all they have got in search of victory.

The match is wrestled in a terrific spirit - the pair often exchange smiles between significant moments - but you can also see the grit and determination on their faces as they try their hearts out.

We see head locks, breast smothers, body scissors, head scissors, grapevine pins, arm bars and combination holds - some of which bring the highly desired success.

And both Orsi B and Emily show they can take it as much as they can dish it out - resisting submitting on many occasions when it looked likely!

It’s a phenomenal battle and you can see just how much each woman gave when they finish looking exhausted!

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